Monday, 16 November 2015

Pensando de mi amigo...

Over a year has past since a dear friend of mine passed away quite unexpectedly. He was the liveliest, overtly energetic and passionate young man of his community - it could be said. I recall his warming hospitality, the way in which (as is the custom of his culture) he offered me his house up in the hills of western Honduras. He lived there with his elderly, withered mother - serving as the sole provider of a struggling family. He was a good person; my friend shared with me his secrets, we enjoyed some great laughs and found that the pair of us were likeminded thinkers. Our conversations took us many places. It makes me grin as I remember how we both turned the main room of the British volunteer house into a squash court! He would look into you with his wide eyes before descending into an uncontrollable onslaught of laughter. He'd chuckle 'Ben, tu eres loco maciso!' I also recall him showing me a treasured possession in his bedroom one night - an actual Mayan sculpture (of a God I believe) taken apparently by his uncle at the Cópan ruinas.
I think of you still Kelvin, it hit me hard when I heard that you'd gone only two weeks or so upon my return from Honduras. I just cannot understand why you had to leave us all, I hope you're at peace mano.

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