Monday, 15 June 2015

A view of the bay

 'La Bahía de Roses from atop a hill' 


  1. Hi, Ben!. I've read your article about Catalonia. I've to say that it's absolutely bright . You have felt the soul of Catalans far better than some people who are living with us for decades.... How are you, Ben?. Have you visited the mosque of Córdoba?. How is it going in Andalucia?. Are you improving your flamenco dance?.We'll Keep in touch, Ben. I miss our afternoon chats. Josep Maria Ribas

  2. Hi Josep! I'm very happy to hear from you my dear friend!
    I'm glad that you enjoyed my article on Catalonia, thank you for such a compliment.
    I miss our afternoon chats too, very much so!
    I have indeed visited the Meskita, it was spectacular! Cordoba is a wonderful city. I will put some photos up on the blog if I have time and perhaps an article.
    Andalusia is like another world to Catalonia and it has taken time to become settled here, I am afraid to say though that I haven't even begun Flamenco dancing haha! I should try to learn, it can't be anymore difficult than understanding Andalus!
    We must definitely keep in touch and I hope that we get to continue our conversations in the future, perhaps in a bar with some Catalan Estrellas!
    Take good care of yourself,
    I hope that your English exam went well too!?
    Ben Anson