Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Sevilla. Photos de mi diá alli entre amigos Andaluses

This time last week, I was visiting the grand city of Sevilla. I now find myself a week later in rural southeast England - the two being quite incomparable.
Some Andalusian friends had been wanting to take me to visit this city. One in particular studied at the university there and felt very strongly that if I had not seen Sevilla before my departure - I had not seen Andalusia. We subsequently travelled by car from Montilla to Sevilla, this being a good two hours journey. 
Upon arriving on the outskirts of the city, after driving through seemingless never-ending olive groves and vineyards set within the rolling hills, you encounter some noteworthy factories. From one  of military aircraft to even those of Coca Cola and Pepsi. A short while on and you enter Sevilla whereupon the traffic is quite intense, giving an inclination as to its large population of citizens.
As with Cordoba, this city fills one with intrigue and fascination upon entering and walking the streets. The most wonderful of all, being sites such as the stunning and world famous historical monuments 'La Giralda' and my particular favourite 'La Plaza de España'. I always look up into these amazing spectacles of architecture [remembering my visit to 'La Sagrada Familia' in Barcelona for instance] and simply wonder how on earth did they achieve this? The detail and intricate works of these vast, grand buildings are surely beyond human imagination - so I contemplate.
Sevilla though, is a city that I cannot truly write an account of as I have most certainly not seen enough. Apart from the centre and those two spectacular places mentioned before, I also took a walk around the football stadium of Real Betis - one such team of Sevilla. I have a strong desire to revisit this city and like Barcelona I would eagerly take any opportunity to live there for an indefinite spell. For now however, it's back to rural Sussex.

Ben Anson
Reminiscing from the UK, 30th September 2015


  1. So nice share this teip with you Ben, and the best moment was when we visit the stadium of the best team in the world any doubt, you have to return and we will travel again to Sevilla

  2. We certainly must! As soon as possible I must make my return and we will go and watch the greatest football team play inside the stadium! Contra La Barća amigo! Jaja